NES Power Outages

Report Power Outages by Calling (615) 234-0000

NES might not be aware that your home is experiencing a power outage after a storm or natural weather event. It is important to notify our teams so we can restore your power as quickly as possible.

Do Not Go Near Downed Power Lines and Immediately Report it to NES

Keep everyone (especially children and pets) away from the entire area. Always assume live electricity is flowing. Call NES at (615) 736-6900. A team from either NES or Metro Public Works will arrive as soon as possible to clear the downed power lines from the debris. Once the power is restored, NES Linemen will reattach the line to restore power. NES does not clear debris from your property. Once the area is safe from power lines, dial 311 to contact Metro Public Works for removal. If you live outside Davidson County, contact your Public Works office.

Please review our outage map, storm Q&A and other helpful resources on the sidebar of your screen if viewing from a desktop computer or click the three lines at the top left corner of your screen if viewing on a mobile phone or tablet.

Due to COVID-19 and other natural weather events that occurred in the spring, NES will not cut-off power from delayed payment or late charge fees until June 30, 2020. Please call customer service at 615-736-6900 for further questions.